Update 2.5.9
Change is here ~H3 quotes That means all new massive set of quotes for !quotes and !trivia.. ~Access Control Now the server admins can control how commands are used in the their servers. Note: !help set-acl to setup ACL !help mod-acl to modify or destroy an ACL entry

Halo dBot's features have been reorganized into seven command modules: Personal, Company, General, Halo Wars 2, Util, Fun, and Commands. This is reflected on the command page and also within the server (access using !modules & !module). You'll also find some new commands sprinkled within, such as the popular !trivia. Note that commands within the Commands module can only be used by server admins.

Admin functionality has been removed from Halo dBot, Reclaimer now handles that responsibility.

Halo dBot rewrite client side Halo API is up and running in v2.5.9.

Many more new commands have been added to dbot, like !trackMembers and !membersProgress. These commands focus on gathering Company members contributions towards the Company Kill Commendation.

Reclaimer bot has been quietly gaining users with a soft launch. Relcaimer is a lightweight Moderation and Server logging bot with an attitude.

Halo dBot began as a project for my spartan company, and has grown into a project for the Halo 5 community. I joined Ronin Company early in their push for the Achilles Armor and Helmet. At the time, progress was tracked in a sophisticated spreadsheet which MachTwee would fill in every week and then post to the members with updates. With my background as an Engineer and App Development hobbyist, I wanted to find a way to gather this data more programmatically. A Halo 5 API key, a "Hello World" JavaScript tutorial, a discord server, and many hours of work later, Halo dBot was launched.

Halo dBot was a success within Ronin Company, letting the leaders focus more on playing Halo 5 and less on stat tracking. As the command list grew and functionality increased, I decided to share Halo dBot with the Halo community. In March 2017, I shared it on Reddit and Halo Waypoint (sorry for the spam, RespectedSir!).

Since then, Halo dBot has grown to over 180k users in 2,000 servers. I am very pleased with its organic growth and continued improvement. I am extremely honored, and am blessed to have finally given back to the best damn gaming community that has ever existed! I look forward to evolving Halo dBot's functionality and abilities to satisfy your thirst for knowledge, and would love to eventually integrate with the Halo Infinite API. Join my Halo dBot support server: hangout, chat, ask questions, make suggestions. Or, just pop in and say hi. Everyone is welcome.

With love,
May Hamn

Halo dBot is a discord bot built for Discord & Halo 5. Originally built as a way to help Ronin Company track commendation completion in their quest for the Achilles Armor, Halo dBot is now currently serving over 180k users in over 2,000 servers. Use Halo dBot to quickly pull up player stats, check commendation progress, and more!

Contact information: Please join our support server

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